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About John Storm

Dissatisfied with the shooting apparel that was available on the popular market, John Storm, member of Nebraska Trap Shooter Hall of Fame and former all-American trap shooter, decided to design a shooting coat for himself. He wanted a special style of coat that provided total comfort and longevity while also giving him a complete range of motion.

After trying at least five different tailors, he finally came up with a design that met his expectations. With no binding in its back to stop the swing, it provided complete freedom of movement. Its good looks, with its genuine leather trim and handsome design, spoke for themselves. He now finally had a great-looking high-quality shooting coat that met all of his needs.

Soon friends and other shooters started to notice his coat and began to inquire as to how they, too, could get one. That's how it all began. Now the coat that started the frenzy is here for the enjoyment of all others in the shooting world. It is made of high-quality materials to the desired measurements of the shooter. Best of all, it's handmade in the USA!

Many gun and ammunition manufacturers have already chosen Storm Apparel as their apparel of choice. Those companies include Federal, Winchester, Remington, Silver Seitz, Beretta, Kolar and many others. Storm Apparel is also the choice of many all-Americans and state shooting teams.

The quality, reliability, and durability of Storm Apparel have quickly become known amongst avid shooters. As a result, a wide range of coats, jackets, and vests of the same quality is currently available.

When you purchase a Storm coat, you become the proud owner of the finest shooting coat ever made. It offers a kind of comfort never before known to a shooter - the freedom of a smooth swing.


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